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Trading systems that works, I mean those who are really earning money, really exist!
It is just that .... But the hard truth is that they are not sold.

I can summarize my thoughts in three easy points:

  • Commercial trading systems never or almost never works. Some on them, when they are profitable, can repay the cost of purchase and you can consider yourself lucky.
    Why ? Well, the answer is pretty obvious: if you have in your hands a profitable trading system, do you sell it for a few tens or hundreds of euro ?
    How much worth that system ? Believe me it worths a lot of money !
  • Banks, investment firms, investment funds and brokers have very profitable trading system. I mean really very profitable trading system.
    And you can be sure they don't sell those system, or publish them for free on the internet.
  • If you want to have a trading system that earns real money, you must be able to project yourself. And if you are not able to write the code yourself, than look for a qualified professional, in order to translate the mathematical rules that you have written, in code that can run correctly.

Here you can see the Back Test of 1 year of some systems that we have developed for us and that are NOT for sale.


 Auriga: Scalper

trading systems auriga 

 Cassiopea: Trend Follower


 Regolo: volatility based

TS Regolo

 Venere: Trend Follower

TS Venere

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